The Baath Vanguards Organization is one of the many fruitage of the blessed Correctionist Movement and a gift granted by our father the great leader «Hafez AI Assad» to the children of our country. The Organization established itself during a short period of time to be sufficiently worthy to meet the confidence of The Party and the great leader to confront the augmenting responsibilities and the increasing tasks in the children's pedagogy. the national and socialistic education, this worthiness can been seen through out what the organization achieved and looked forward to, It is Justified to consider the organization of the Baath Vanguards as an important national and adductive achievement on march of children through the regulative aspects and the effectiveness of the Organization in it's adherence to the sublime causes of our people.

When education becomes part and parcel of the future and to gain the confidence that our children will have the steady foot on the right way and their different activities in the frame of their creative will as they obtain the education of the new policy which can pave the way to the outstanding creativeness of the children and show the original glow which sparks out as the children stickup to their reality and determine to participate in what is known as self-establishment and echo-system and early obtain the realities through a national prospective and in response to the abundant context of the children organization in movement which contribute to the comprehensive social development.

The organization was established in august 1974 due to a decree issued by The Regional Leadership which expresses the faith of our great party in an organization sponsored by the party itself inorder to be an educational and doctrinal school for the coming generation, the idiology of the party will be learnt by the children, in this case the Baath Vanguards will guarantee a continuance flow of the revolution's donation and to grant the continuity of The Baath Party a generation after generation during that The Organization of Vanguards reached to the primary school all over the country till the end of the primary school.

It played a distinctive role on The Organizing level, It avoided the inconsistency that children may suffer from politically and intellectually to guarantee the early belief in the creed of the party and it's role in building the society of unity, liberty and socialism. The Organization laid down the principles and goals of it's activities. The unity of political and idiological thought in approaching the decisive causes and the every day matters in away that the vanguards comprehend and to help them to make clear cut attitudes and guarantee their contribution as they work hard inorder to build and liberate; by that our generation will get rid of the intellectual inconsistency and fragmentation as we suffer from their vestiges uptill now. To upbring the children to be nationalistic and socialistic in their moralities and behaviors and to prefer the interest of the other people rather their own and to commit themselves to the submoralities which means the productivities of the work as a basic factor in developing the society.

Educating the vanguards to organize their daily life, at school in the street and at home. Educating the vanguards to believe in the necessity of contribution in all fields and to help them to obtain the vital skills as they get use of their theoretical knowledge in favour fever of applying them; By doing that such skills will result in serving the society.

Educating the vanguards to adopt the spirit of a teamwork in accordance with the values of the unified social Arab society

6- forming the factional vision in aware adopting the idiolgy of the party taking into consideration that the vanguards are the sons of the party and they have the right to feel prids and glory, in their capacity as a new active human, instead of being just careless small children.

1- Educating the vanguards to feel joyful and happy at work since they are beneficial and productive and to maximize the desire of work and cooperation and believe in the benefit of The Nation.

2- Educating the vanguards to search and encourage the spirit of creativity and to enhance the invention spirit.

The Organization had deduced the doctrinal principles to achieve it's causes from the following:

I) Ideology of the party and schedule of the national and regional conference which show the way to The Organization and it's structure.

2) Decrees of the regional leadership The Organization laid down a plan aims at the following.

I. To act inorder to fulfill the strategy of the vanguards activities according to the principles of the party and the directions or the general secretor\ of the party.

II. Enhancing the educational and political aspects of the educational process as a step towards considering the vanguard's education as a complement to the scientific one and connect the abstract science with their applications.

The inclusion of organization, of the vanguards to cover all the primary schools It is to be noted that some aspects of the vanguards achievements are embodied in two main aspects:

1) The mass feature of the vanguards work with the educational family, at schools and environment and in the local society.

2) Emphasizing that educating the children is a national responsibility. The efforts of the concerned parties must work together with different institutes, establishments and organizations and with the family and the society to find solutions for problems of childhood to trespass the difficulties: the organization could achieve a sort of cooperation and coordination in this field expressing the real interaction between the mass and The Baath Vanguards these two aspects report that activities and achievements of The Organization are socially and educationally emphasized.

To prove what have been mentioned above we highlight the organization's achievements on the political, educational, and on the organizing levels, in addition to the statistics related to different prospectives, concerning prominent decrees. Acts issued while the organization has been playing it's role in peoples democracy.

The Baath Vanguards Organization is an important achievement for the children's life in Syria. It was established to serve childhood in it's different aspects and needs. The Organization plays it's role and offer its services taking into consideration that it is wholly responsible about the generation of the primary school in Syria, it sponsors the activities of the children. It organizes and directs the activities of children in a way that guarantees the benefit of the children.

Organizing and preparing fields: 2,297750 male and female vanguards are now members of The Baath Vanguards Organization 97,958 male and female supervisors.

The total number of the vanguards who joined The Organization from 1974 to 1990 is: 16,956,746 vanguards.

In 1974 the administrative structure of The Baath Vanguards was laid down and attached to its organizing structure and to its relation with the Ministry of Education, leadership of the branches of The Baath Vanguards have been formed and a deputy minister of education for the vanguards affairs was assigned and attached The Baath Vanguards Organization, like wise assistant directors of education in the governates and in 1978 the regional committees started its work in monitoring the units (school). The bylaws of primary schools and institutes of qualifying teacher were modified and certain decrees and systems of the ministry of education and its directorates were adjusted for the purpose of the continuity of the vanguards organizing system in the period of the basic pedagogy and in this context the regional leadership carried on the task and paved the way to issue the organization's decree and '0 lay down its rules of procedures, the organizing manifesto was made on the light of the decree project which was prepared in 1978, other rules of procedures Were enacted for different establishments of the, organization, specialized offices, camps, practical school, activity centers the vanguards club, institutes for preparing the leading figures, cinema club, the regional festival.

To emphasize on practicing people's democracy in the field of vanguards education; the organization adopted the following procedures:

a) The vanguards councils.

b) The election of vanguard monitors followed by sessions to prepare monitores.

c) The regional symposium, which is the annual organizing conference on the region level.

The first regional symposium for The Baath Vanguards was held in Tartus city 1977.

The 18th regional symposium was held in «Daraa» in 1994. The leadership of The Baath Vanguards Organization then studied the organizing formula and found that the organization had developed on a large scale on the organizing and educating levels, its activities were increased and deep-rooted in our society and our nation, it suggested to be named by the annual conference for The Baath Vanguards, so the 19th annual conference for The Baath Vanguards was held in «Edleb» in august 1995.

- To guarantee the leading and specialize preparation of the people who are working in the organization; the following sessions were held.

- Sessions for the male and female vanguards through out the summer vacation for the male and female 5th class vanguards.

- Holding specialized sessions in the field of all activities, we prepare through out these sessions 2000 male and female supervisors holding the leading and serial sessions annually. Sessions for assistant supervisors, division, division supervisors, unit assistants supervisors unit supervisors, area supervisors, camp, assistant leaders 10,000 supervisors are qualified annually.

- Unification of supervising, organizing and educating party with The Ministry of Education and The Ministry of Higher Education, for the scholastic administrative sessions and educational directives, national culture's teachers and the education college and the social science.

In this context the effort exerted for the coordination with The Ministry of Education resulted in :

1 - The executive manifesto for the practical schools of the vanguards activities.

2- Training the students of the sports college in camps.

3- Preparing the courses of the practical schools.

4- Preparing the internal manifesto for the college of leading personals.

5- Preparing courses for training the leading personals.

6- Preparing joint plans with directorate of the on-going training. Since 1990 the organization leadership in cooperation with the Ministry of Education have held the annual specialized courses:

1 - The technique of cultural work with children.

2- The puppet show theatre.

3- Fine Arts.

4- Technical Education.

7 - In the field of scientific courses 161 courses for supervisors have been held. 2700 courses for vanguards have been held.

- In the field of the children establishment its facilities and activities.

- The organization installed permanent camp for children distributed on the country's governates (14 governates ).

Each camp includes buildings, and encampments and auditoriums to practice the scientific artistic, cultural technical, sportive, entertaining activities, a theatre exhibition halls, swimming pools, play-grounds. kitchens, a mess equipped with the latest equipments and a medical center which offers the necessary medical services, Each camp hosts 2000 - 3000 children,

The camps were forested with more than 972155 forest trees and 103435 fruit trees in addition to growing grains, vegetables, and cotton at some camps, The organization opened more than 2200 winter clubs specialized in computer ; electronics electricity, solar energy, agriculture, music and other sorts of arts, 7150 summer clubs located in the Gove mates where children make use of their leisure time.

The Organization built more than 35 schools to patron the pioneers and the talented children in different fields, They are well equipped and prepared to host thousands of pioneers and talented children, these schools are known as the practical ones, for the vanguards activities the organization built a specialized institute in Homs to qualify the supervisors and leaders who will help the children in their activities The Organization opened more than 1086 centers for the activities and established dozens of gardens in the governates where the children may go and practice and play games and take-in knowledge through the theatrical, cultural and sportive activities. they are well equipped, all children can be invited to get advantage of that establishments.

As for the camps; every vanguard starting with the litth class can join them where food, clothes, accommodation, transportation and all kinds of these facilities are free of charge a quarter of a million child Join camps annually, the population of Syria is 14 million citizens and the number of children is about three millions. The number of trainers and trainees is about 150 there their different productive establishments belong to The Organization like the workshop of making the vanguard uniforms, studies for photography and child's library, theatre, child cinema clubs, and accessory shops part of the profit is dedicated to units and branches.

In the field of culture and arts :

In 1985 The Organization issued a monthly magazine for the children with the title of «The Vanguard» then publishing postponed due to the shortage of printing papers. In 1993 the publishment of the magazine resumed and opened a publication house and these are the following printed matters:

- The narrative series for children.

- Arab scientists series.

- The scientific series.

- Anthems series.

- The theatrical series for children.

- The poetic series for children.

- Educational studies series for supervisors.

- The seminar search series.

More than 90 series for children were published, more than 90 titles from these children serieses were issued and more than 120tit1es for supervisors The Organization as well as published 26 books about the theatrical, poetical and lyrical which were presented at the annual regional festivals all that were published.

There are cultural centers for children in every camp and every partical school to provide the children with the needed cultural services perusal hall and a show room for cinema and t.v., a theatre stage and a gallery. Since 1981 The Organization opened cinema clubs dedicated for children, the number of these clubs reached up to 22 ones distributed on the Gove mates centers and on some districts these clubs present movies for the children and the teachers and the specialized stoff a adhere to develop the children cinematic appreciation during and after the end of the movies in the presence of the directors and the cinema critics. The Organization gave the cultural and artistic activities their mass education and social provisions; through the vanguards festivals which became national phenomenon's where the citizens and the educational family exert their efforts to take care of the children and to increase the services presented to them. At the meantime The Organization have dozens of children theatres stages located at the centers of it's activities, exhibiting annually hundreds of artistic works, taking advantage of the different kinds of children theatre like opera-theatre and the variety theatre and the puppet show theatre, the shadow theatre and the theatre of mature people presented for children and the folkloric arts and the song of the Arab child.

The number of children plays which were published "nd presented reached up to 320 plays they belong to the field of opera- theatre.

180 plays were perfonned by mature people and dedicated for the children. /295/ plays of puppet show theatre /282/ plays for the shadow theatre. /430/ folkloric dances. /210/variety sections, and /420/ songs for the Arab child and /130/ musical bands, /75/ brass bands. /28/ rhythmical bands and /45/ collective chanting bands. As with concern to the field of radio and t.v. : there are four weekly t. v. Programs the duration of each one is /15/ minutes a weekly t.v. Program and a thirty minutes weekly t.v. Program and a special weekly program depicts the activities of The Regional Festivals its duration ranges between /30/ to /45/ minutes in addition to the specialized programs in accordance with the national educational and social events. The total number of these programs reached up during the past fifteen years to :

/2880/ radio programs; and /780/ special t.v. Programs in addition its programs and activities the organization developed new methods for the child's culture and extended its efforts in field of children's get-together. In view of the fact that it considered to be insignificant cost and its increasing influence, socially and educationally. The Organization as well as increased its activities in the field of artistical and inclinational education by participating with children's works in international fairs since 1978, hundreds of children won the prizes at these fairs, in addition to that The Organization organizes hundreds of specialized local, and subsidery fairs and they were rich with many talents.

In the field of social development, and environment protection : The Organization dedicated a special office for these affairs since 1979 «the technical and environmental office» this office is concerned with increasing the children's and the teenaged efforts in these aspects through:

- Supporting the environment hygienic and social education.

- Supporting the local environment project's services and developing the local societies.

- Enhancing the self-management activities in the capacity that the vanguards units are considered to be a source of inspiration in its environment and its society.

It is not an easy task to give a specific statistic number of these programs and projects which were distributed allover the cities and the counrysides.

Hundreds thousands of children are participating in executing them. The Organization won The United Nation's Environment prize in 1990.

The Organization's leadership held two specialized seminars to evaluate the outcome of working with children in regard of these fields: they are «The Baath Vanguards and the protection of the Environment» Lattakia 1985. Then published the lectures and other documents in two books. We can reckon the services aspect which donated to the children at The Baath Vanguards Organization as the following:

1) Supporting the educational process at the elementary schools through enriching the substances of the curriculum and its terminologies with the values of freedom invention and contemporary and to connect the theoretical knowledge with its practical aspect, and to train the hand and mind at the same time.

2) To carry on with the educational process inside and outside the school with developed methods which can meet the enhancement's needs, to build the society on one hand and to build the child's character taking into consideration its developing elements. To achieve that, we established administrative and regulative methods stem from the national and subjective specification and invented certain procedures activities and methods which can make the vanguards education a motive to the renewal and the origination simultaneously and, a way to prove the socially balanced education between the cities and the "country sides" and generically between the male and the female "and from a combative point of view" to adhere to the function of the national and social education which can cop with our surrounding conditions.

3) To give power for the average education for better performance in its programs by combating the illiteracy and holding up the infiltration, and pave the way for the most democratic peferable chances for education and for the sake of a tangible advancement in the field of enhancing the education to the standard of the aspired great expectations vis-a-vis the dangerous educational challenges due to the Zionist occupation for the Arab lands to the venturesome of the cultural's sub-ordination, and the wasted Arab development through the regional disparity and squandering the Arab energy and the paradoxical situation among the Arab societies from one region to another. Undoubtedly the education in Syria is suffering from this situation too.

4) Increasing the services for children by adding more educational cultural artistic and sports establishments, qualifying more leading persons, and connecting such services to live up to the required expectations.

5) Developing programs and techniques by activating the cultural and educational aspects of the child and making the vanguard education a national work. That's can be done by a renovating the ways we deal with the child, taking into consideration that the child is the core of the whole process of the vanguard education. So the programs must stem out from the real needs for a sane child in our society. Such approach would respond to the new educational needs, which aim at an original, stable and comprehensive education.

6) A special care is taken for the small vanguards «first, second and third grades» whose human personality is being formed so special programs and techniques are applied.


7) Connecting the vanguards upraising to life and work, so programs on social development and environmental protection are made and the abstract knowledge is connected to its practical educations.

8) Taking care of the value system of the vanguard education. And promoting a set of values to ensure the desired values like the national, cultural, spiritual, moral and social values.

9) Focusing on the child's knowledge through two perspectives «originating and spreading» originating the national identity and enhancing the cultural personality of The Arab Nation, also spreading the knowledge by the different available means to the mass of children through clear perspective since the child's knowledge is a service everybody must get advantage of.

10) Taking care of the international relations on the level of a work among children. The organization is has worked to been to enhance the values of the cultural, human exchange between the Syrian children and the rest of the children allover the world. The Organization has made many friendly relationships with the international and regional organizations. The Baath Vanguards Organization is a member of the leading counsil of the world children Organization (simia) since 1986 the organization exchanges with other organization every year and it encourages the ways of communications among children. Every year it hosts dozens of delegations in it's camps where

different kinds of communications are arranged for the mass of children in Syria such as parties, exhibitions, and special events. In 1986, The Organization held the first exhibition of the child's arts as children from 373 countries took part in it. In 1988 it hosted simia meeting as representatives from five continents took part.

11) The Organization adopts the knowledge of sex for males and females in order to maintain an open and creative knowledge and avoid the sex discrimination.

Males and females would share one spirit and have the same set of values to allow common chances in all fields.

The organization believes in the fact that increasing the children services would contribute to the national development, and it exerts great efforts to enhance the strategy of the Arabic education enlarge the exchange among The Arabs and declare the essential, educational status for the future of The Arabs.

The Baath Vanguard Organization has alway looked forward to play an effective role in the life of the nation and to enhance the cooperation with other parties Who share in educating children in our society.